Compass Applications

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Light Aircraft Compasses 


A comprehensive range of compasses, are available for the Light Aircaft Market.

Specifically designed for either OEM or Replacement markets, these products provide significant advantages over the older designed Airpath type compasses.

The 'Navigator' & 'Pegasus' Compasses offer:

  • High Quality and Reliability
  • Low Weight (60% less than competitors)
  • Accurate Magnetic performance
  • Clear, Wide angle Visibility
  • Easy Mounting

Our compasses can fit most aircraft installations, special kits are available to interface with existing mount configurations - See 'Product Resources' for more information

Where Can I buy ?  SIRS Navigation, Aircraft Spruce, Chief Aircraft , Pacific Coast,


A range of compasses designed for horizontal or oblique angle mounting.


A range of compasses designed for Panel or Vertical face mounting.