Radiant 1686 + REV

Code: 1686

A high quality NATO coded hand held compass suitable for compass swings on light aircraft and helicopters.

An accurate and sensitive instrument, capable of measuring small angular variations and suitable for a wide range of applications.

This hand held NATO coded compass 6605-99-527-5338 (equivalent code: 1686) is manufactured by SIRS and is used in both the private and military sectors as a Hand Bearing compass, particularly in connection with marine applications.

The compass is manufactured mostly from non-magnetic brass and liquid filled to provide steady and stable card damping over a wide temperature range. A large high quality prism is used to magnify the card reading and obtain accurate headings to be taken through the prism sight line, a sight wire located above the compass card and the object being observed.

The compass is supplied with an impact resistant ABS stowage box and a calibration certificate. SIRS are able to conduct annual calibrations with a quick turnaround. SIRS additionally offer a repair and overhaul service.

Specification table

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SIRS provides a calibration service for a wide range of landing compasses. SIRS are able to offer a quick turnaround on compasses to ensure minimal loss of operation.

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