Standby Compasses

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Military Grade


The KCA range are high quality military grade, lightweight, compact, bracket mounted Compasses which provide clear easy-read vision with high accuracy and performance.  All compasses utilise the utmost advanced technology and manufacturing methods to produce the most accurate standby compasses in the aircraft industry.

All compasses hold ETSO and TSO Approval.

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Panel Mount


The Pegasus range are similar to the KCA versions in design but are suitable for panel mount configuration.

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Easy Installation


A lightweight and versatile compass designed for use in light to medium sized aircraft but also available for use in special purpose applications. The compass is designed for easy installation, with a unique mounting system that rotates through 190 degrees to provide optimum magnetic location. A variety of alternative mounting solutions are also available through the use of special adaptor mounting systems.

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All of SIRS’ compasses are available in a ‘Simulator’ version for use as a training aid in flight schools and pilot academies.

NVIS Complaint


SIRS provide a range of special fully integrated NVG designed compasses which are NVIS complaint for use in all military and commercial fixed wing and rotary aircraft applications. SIRS have developed specific compasses for use in aircraft whereby unique design configurations are required for luminance, chromaticity and contrast.

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CAA Approved

Custom Design

SIRS are an approved design organisation, with approval from the CAA for the design of Aircraft Magnetic Compasses. Using the latest Solidworks® design software, SIRS can fully develop an idea, In-House from concept to serial production.

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