Landing Compasses

SIRS manufacture two different NATO approved versions of a ‘Landing’ or ‘Master’ compass to assist with the calibration of the aircraft standby compasses.

The two versions available have been developed to cover the wide range of aircraft designs, providing an accurate and cost effective solution for aircraft compass calibration.

NATO Coded

954-2399 + REV

A high quality NATO coded prismatic and liquid damped compass with very accurate magnetic indication. The compass is used as a calibration and setup tool for the internal aircraft standby magnetic compass. 

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Non-magnetic Tripod


To stabilise the use of the Landing compass type 954-2399 and a wide variety of other landing compass types, SIRS manufacture a special ‘non-magnetic’ lightweight telescopic tripod.

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NATO Coded Hand Held

Radiant 1686 + REV

A high quality NATO approved hand held compass suitable for compass swings on light aircraft and helicopters.

It is an accurate and sensitive instrument, capable of measuring small angular variations and suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Calibration Service


SIRS provide a calibration service for a wide range of landing compasses. SIRS are the only UK approved calibration house for these instruments and we provide a complete global service for Repair / Overhaul / Calibration.

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Calibration of Third Party Compasses

Miscellaneous Calibration

SIRS are able to provide calibration services for other landing compasses, not manufactured by ourselves.

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