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SUPPLIER Requirements


Most components and materials supplied to SIRS are used within a range of magnetic compasses selected by aircraft manufacturers across the globe, including Airbus and Boeing.  Our products are located in the cockpits of these aircraft and often operate in extreme environmental conditions including:- high and low temperatures, varying pressures and vibration/shock. 



To ensure consistent high quality and safety standards are maintained, SIRS work within industry standards including EASA-21 sub part g, EASA-145, AS9100 Rev D and ISO9001:2015.

It is important that the requirements of these standards are communicated to our Suppliers to ensure the quality of components and raw materials are equally high.

SIRS will work with our suppliers as a team to ensure these standards are met.  Details of our requirements are listed below:- 

quality standards

Ideally all suppliers to SIRS will hold either ISO9001:2015 or AS9100 Rev D.  In some cases, SIRS will work with suppliers without the approvals, providing they can demonstrate compliance to the industry standards.  

SIRS Supplier Quality Requirements - pdf file 

Supplier Self Assesment - pdf file

purchase orders

It is important that the requirements of the PO are met in full.  Any changes or deviations must be reported to SIRS before manufacture or delivery.  The terms and conditions of purchase must be adhered to


SIRS Standard Terms and Conditions  - pdf file

first article inspection 

An FAI must be completed for all new products or where there are changes to a process, material, tooling, set-up or if the operation is manual rather than automated.  

FAI template and guide -  pdf file 

continuous improvement

SIRS works to continually improve its products, processes and systems to ensure high quality and competitive pricing.  SIRS expect this policy to be adopted by all suppliers. 


Continuous Improvement information  -  pdf file