Compass Applications

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SIRS is an approved design organisation, with approval from the CAA for the design of Aircraft Magnetic Compasses. (Approval Ref AP-221 within Part 21A.602B (b)(2).

Using the latest software, SIRS can fully develop an idea, In-House from concept to production and utilises 3rd party test house facilities for the qualification and verification stages of development. 

All aircraft compasses have been designed to meet the stringent requirements of EASA and FAA specifications: ESTO-C7d and TSO-C7d.  



Aircraft Spares

Qualification testing

SIRS fully validate its products with comprehensive qualification tests to ensure all elements including vibration, temperature, altitude and many other   


Aircraft Spares

AutoCad Software

SIRS utilise the latest versions of AutoCAD to detail precise drawings for the manufacture of its products, some of the CAD data is used for subsequent automated manufacture.