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tripod - Non magnetic


A special 'Non-Magnetic' tripod is available from SIRS for use with the Landing compass type 954-2399.

The 3 section carbon fibre tripod, provides high rigidity with light weight.  An extendable centre aluminium column allows fine adjustment for height and utilises a central hook for ‘plumb bob’ attachment.  A special adaptor provides an attachment spigot for compass type 954-2399 and a ball joint to provide accurate levelling 

This tripod is an improved replacement for our previous version coded: 130601.  The unit is form, fit and functionally interchangeable for use with SIRS magnetic compasses type: 954-2399 and –REV versions .

The Tripod offers:

  • High Quality and Reliability
  • Low Weight
  • High Strength and Rigidity
  • Easy Use

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